Work Experience

Software Engineer / Data Engineer / DevOps Engineer

September 2018 ~ Now (Full time)


  • Working in Telstra as a Software Engineer / Data Engineer / DevOps Engineer in the Data Exchange Platform and Connected Supply Chain project.
  • Design and architect data-oriented platform which will be used across different industries and government organisations, with the specific focus on Authentication and Authorisation.
  • Lead a team of talented engineers to build and operate the platform using modern platforms & technologies (Microsoft Azure, Auth0, .Net Core, Scala, Kubernetes, Open Policy Agent, DataBricks).
  • Work closely with product owners, business stakeholders and industry partners to create platforms that focus on delivering business values.
  • Work in "Data Exchange Platform" and "Connected Supply Chain" teams incubated in Telstra Enterprise run like small businesses.


  • Designed and guided a team to implement a multi-cloud microservices system with secure service-to-service authentication (API keys, mutual TLS and JWT token) and authorisation (policy based authorisation with Open Policy Agent).
  • Designed and implement big data pipelines for high volume secure data ingestion with HTTP and MQTT using Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Event Hub, Azure Data Warehouse and DataBricks (Spark with Scala jobs)
  • Created and set up CI/CD pipelines for different technologies and platforms like .Net Core, Spark, Kubernetes and DataBricks.
  • Influenced the product team's workflow and tooling to fully embrace good DevOps practices and enabled fast deliveries.
  • Implemented a distributed load testing application (with Akka in Scala) capable of producing 30,000,000 messages per second with 10,000,000 stateful simulation instances.

Co-founder & Technology Lead

February 2017 ~ Now (Part time)


  • Communicating and negotiating with clients to understand the business requirements and find the most cost effective way to solve their business problem.
  • Architecting and design solutions on a mainly cloud base infrastructure (AWS, Azure).
  • Engineering software and performing code reviews to ensure the quality of the code meets the performance, security and reliability standard.
  • Write software as a Developer, automate process as DevOps, maintain and monitor systems we deployed as Operations.


  • Delivered multiple projects for different sizes of businesses in good quality and efficient cost.
  • Designed systems that is highly available, scalable and resilient on AWS platform.
  • Able to coordinate different team members with different skillsets to collaborate together efficiently on a remote work basis.

Senior DevOps Engineer

AGL Energy
March 2018 ~ Aug 2018 (Full time)


  • Work in a SAFe Agile environment with cross-functional scrum teams. Be responsible to promote the culture and practices of following the DevOps principle.
  • Work with cutting edge platforms and technologies like Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Splunk, Prometheus, Auth0, .Net Framework.
  • Help to shape enterprise solutions to allow better serviceability, monitoring and alerting to meet the increasing business requirements and demands.
  • Writing APIs and Azure Function Apps to enable application health monitoring, log aggregation and stabilise enterprise platforms.
  • Produce documentation on system architecture, design and cross-platform integration mechanisms.

Lead DevOps Engineer

Bupa Australia
January 2017 ~ March 2018 (Full time)


  • Provide recommendations about best practices and development processes to developers and operations. Provide help for system architectures and security analysts to make design decisions and improvements.
  • Set up enterprise scale CI/CD pipelines with multiple environments. Implement monitoring to development, testing and production environments.
  • Promote DevOps culture and workflows on Microsoft Azure and on-premise systems. Giving information sessions about DevOps culture, tools and best practices.
  • Automate existing manual tasks to improve deployment efficiency and reliability.
  • Work efficiently with multiple teams across multiple expertise and countries.


  • Improved the CI/CD workflow and process of a major digital transformation project which allowed multiple deployments per day across the whole stack with a large multi-national team.
  • Identified multiple architecture improvements and potential security vulnerabilities which helped to improve the quality of the product.
  • Delivered technical information sessions and workshops on GIT source control to multiple development teams. Presented benefits to management and business stakeholders which facilitated a top-down transition from TFVC to GIT.

Senior Software Engineer & Solution Architect

Digicap Solutions
September 2012 ~ December 2016 (Full time)


  • Develop and architect software solutions for clients that integrate with different existing systems.
  • Communicate directly with clients to seek solutions and manage multiple projects.
  • Write server side applications (APIs) in C#, Golang, NodeJS, PHP.
  • Write web applications with and without CMS, experienced in JavaScript especially AngularJS.
  • Crisis management when something goes wrong like website is attacked.
  • Manage cloud based infrastructures on both AWS and Azure, including multiple Linux servers and Azure web applications for multiple clients.
  • Setup development, testing and production environments for the team using Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins etc.


  • Established a container (Docker) driven development and deployment workflow using Docker.
  • Designed multiple systems with 1000+ requests per second and high availability and redundancy.
  • Developed multiple systems for clients of various sizes and requirements and deliver within a set timeframe.
  • Led a development team of up to 5 people using both Waterfall and Agile processes to deliver projects within budget and timeframe most of the time.

Clients and Projects

Lifestyle Communities

ASX public company; real estate; thousands of users each month on website

  • Architected and developed their official website using .Net technology and tightly integrate with Runway CRM system
  • Set up, configured and currently managing production and staging web instances and database on Azure for multiple assets
  • Configured and setup continuous integration and continuous deployment for their assets
lifestyle communities

McMillan Shakespeare Group

ASX public company; salary packaging, novated leasing, asset management and insurance; multiple projects

  • Built and currently managing multiple brochure websites
  • Built business portal using .Net technology and AngularJS
  • Was able to work with their deployment and QA process
  • Participated the planning of complicated system migration
  • Managed and helped debugging legacy systems
  • Produced reports during and after website incidents
McMillan Shakespeare Group

Oliver Hume Corporation

Property research and advisory firm; multiple projects

  • Built multiple websites for multi-million dollar development projects
  • Built internal websites for sales and presentation purposes
  • Was able to work with tight deadlines and detailed requirements
  • Provided innovative solutions to meet business needs on short notices
Oliver Hume Corporation

FMC Mediation and Counseling Victoria

Government founded organisation to help people "take back control over their lives"

  • Helped with data analysis and reporting by generating files that used to report to Department of Social Services directly from their system
  • Built government-sponsored project which was covered by media
  • Built and currently managing multiple brochure websites
FMC Mediation and Counseling Victoria

Sports Dietitians Australia

Sports dietitian accreditation management across Australia

  • Architected and built their official website and membership management system using open-source technologies; full AngularJS portal and plenty of API integration between different systems
  • Helped to define and optimise membership and accreditation business rules
  • Actively maintain and update the website to meet constant changes of business rules
Sports Dietitians Australia

Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

Event organiser and event venue management

Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

Software Engineer

Glow (An Engagement Innovation company)
August 2014 ~ June 2016 (1 year 11 months, Part time)


  • Write frontend applications using AngularJS.
  • Write unit testing for code written and verify before merge.
  • Participate in code reviews and actively seek for better solutions.



Fast growing cross platform app and business backend system to help businesses get real-time insights from their customers

  • Helped with building website-based portal, which included multiple assets and required both frontend and backend knowledge; AngularJS + Symfony + MongoDB
  • Wrote unit tests to help improving the quality of existing applications
  • Provided constructive suggestions to project architectures

Information Services Support Technitian

University of Nottingham Ningbo China - IT Services
September 2008 ~ May 2012 (3 years 9 months, Part time)


  • Provide IT support for students and staff across the university.
  • Regularly inspect computers and printers to ensure their functionalities.
  • Provide professional audio equipments setup and configuration support behind the stage for shows and lectures.
  • Record and encode videos for lectures and speeches plus simple after-event editing.

Professional Certifications

Professional Scrum Master I
June 2017

  • Solid understanding of the Scrum framework as a Scrum Master.
  • Able to efficiently facilitate teams and organisations to adopt and transform to Scrum.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Red Hat
August 2011 - August 2014

  • Demonstrate real hands-on experience on Red Hat based Linux systems.
  • Advanced troubleshooting and system diagnosing skills.
  • Able to install and configure wide range of system services including iSCSI, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, NFS, SMB, SMTP, SSH and NTP and various types of databases.

Linux Professional Institute Certification I & II

Linux Professional Institute
September 2009 - September 2013

  • Perform advanced system administration, including common tasks regarding the Linux kernel, system startup and maintenance.
  • Perform advanced management of block storage and file systems as well as advanced networking and authentication and system security, including firewall and VPN
  • Install and configure fundamental network services, including DHCP, DNS, SSH, Web servers, file servers using FTP, NFS and Samba, email delivery
  • Supervise assistants and advise management on automation and purchases.

Professional Skills


Technology Knowledge Level
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Libraries & Frameworks

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Infrastructures & Services

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Computer Science & IT Theories

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Monash University

Master of Information Technologies July 2012 ~ July 2014 (Caulfield Campus)


  • Specialised in Security and Software Development
  • Included a lot of theoretical courses to provide solid Foundations to my existing practical skills
  • Achieved highest score in unit "Computer Technology and Operating Systems", which proved solid understanding of computer architecture

Some units taken

  • Advanced Network Security
  • Network Security
  • Computer Technology and Operating Systems
  • Network Protocols and Standards
  • Data Communications
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Database Analysis and Processing
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Information Retrieval Systems
  • Internet Applications Development
  • Enterprise Application Development for the Web
  • Android and iOS Development
  • Semi-structured Data Management

University of Nottingham

Bachelor of International Relations and Affairs (with Honours) September 2008 ~ July 2012 (China Campus)


  • A lot of presentations and essays that improved my communication skills
  • Provided opportunities for me to think and express ideas critically
  • Social science, especially politics, taught me how people think and how to deal with them
  • A great challenge for me to study a subject that I am not good at but was clearly going to be beneficial

Some units taken

  • Diplomacy: Past, Present, Practice
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business Environment
  • International Organisations
  • International Political Economy
  • The Politics of Development
  • Introduction to Business Operations
  • The Origins of Capitalism
  • Comparative Politics
  • Understanding Global Relations
  • Issues in Global Relations
  • The European Union: Institutions
  • Introduction to Analytical Thought